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Paul Okoye cries out as he gets shocked by troll who received money from him to survive coronavirus lockdown

paul okoye

Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare has cried out after a beneficiary of his largesse shocked him by being rude to him.

Paul Okoye, who gave out money to people on social media to enable them to survive in the advent of a lockdown, revealed that one of the beneficiaries belittled his gesture.

According to him, the person wondered what he could possibly do with the money Paul Okoye gave him which insinuates that he finds it to be too small.

See the screenshot below.

Recently, Paul Okoye reacted to the 2020 prophecies given by pastors in Nigeria at the beginning of the year which never mentioned COVID-19.

Paul Okoye who shared a video on social media expressed anger at the fact that none of the pastors who claimed to have heard from God mentioned COVID-19 which is fast shutting down global activities.

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