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Report about Daddy Freeze’s fiancee admitting to adultery in court is false – Paul Odekina

An Instagram account claiming to be Paul Okedina, the estranged husband of Benedicta Elechi who is Daddy Freeze’s fiancee, has debunked a report which states that Benedicta admitted to adultery in court in a divorce case proceedings involving the both of them. Report which was shared by @andelasmith reads:

Summary of Court Proceedings.

Daddy Freeze’s bae admits to getting pregnant for Daddy Freeze in her matrimonial home as Daddy Freeze was absent in court

The court case involving Daddy Freeze’s Fiancée (Benedicta) and her husband, Paul Odekina resumed on the 20th of March 2018, in Rivers High Court presided over by Justice Akpughunum, with a cross examination of Benedicta. It will be recalled that Benedicta dragged her husband to court in search of dissolution of their marriage.

daddy freeze's fiancee
When cross examined by the defendant Lawyer Wilcox Abereton, Benedicta admitted to having an affair with Daddy Freeze and giving birth while legally married.  When asked whether she did not know that Freeze was married, she said ‘ I don’t know anything about that. 
The defendants’ lawyer inquired about the set-up of her multi-million naira business to which she claimed that her contribution was N1.5m which was used to construct the Gate. She claimed that she was abandoned by her husband in 2010 until she was confronted with the evidence & then admitted that her husband sponsored her, her mother, her niece for a vacation to the UK in 2011.

She admitted very warm and romantic birthday cards with messages of appreciation to her husband in 2006 & 2008, the years she claimed he did not have sex with her. 
Benedicta accompanied by her Lawyer B.J. Monsigha denied then later admitted that her husband sponsored a family trip including himself to Disneyland in the US in 2012, claiming that her contribution was paying for the feeding of the children on the trip.

Daddy Freeze who is the co respondent to the husband’s cross petition was absent at the court proceedings. Case was adjourned to the 21st of May 2018.

Denying the claims, @paul_odekina stated that the report is false and that it can tarnish the image of his family. He wrote:

”Dear Andela Smith, you may not realize this, but you are causing my family more harm than good by spreading this falsehood. Benedicta filed for a divorce from me in 2012, in court proceedings that are apparently in the seventh year (7th)year. Obviously, Benedicta has moved on and I don’t care with whom, it’s been 7 whole years!
I cannot wait for the proceedings to end so I can move on with my life as well. This write up portrays me as a bitter person which I am absolutely NOT!
Kindly, in good faith remove this post because there is no atom of truth in it and my office, Total E&P do not appreciate media drama of this magnitude. For the sake of our children, please remove this post, it’s all lies and will hurt them in the future. P.O”.

However, the credibility of the account was called to question by those who reacted to the post after they noticed that it was opened barely 24 hours ago. See screenshots below.

paul odekina

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