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Drama as Pastor Tobi Adegboyega shows off his wife on 40th birthday

Tobi Adegboyega Wife

Flamboyant United Kingdom based Nigerian pastor, Tobi Adegboyega popularly known as PT has shown off his beautiful wife on her birthday today.

The celebrity and slightly controversial pastor marked his wife’s 40tg birthday with lovely revelations about their relationship of 20 years.

Pastor Tobi praised his wife’s calmness, leadership ethics and the beauty embedded in her leadership. He spoke about the negative comments, rumours and abuses they had taken together through laughter.

He also noted that they have never had a day of quarrel and his wife has been consistent in good and hard times.

While trying to clarify the reasons for his wife’s absence on social media, the Pastor noted that she’s not one given to public life or social media.

“She is 40 years old today, yes, we have been together for over 20 years now.

Her power is in her calm. Her beauty is in her leadership. She truly is a leader of those that lead leaders.

This is about two decades of growth now, and we have seen a lot. We’ve read great news about our work together and smiled. We’ve read negative rumours and abuses together and laughed because we know us.

We have not had a day of quarrels, in good times and hard times she has been constant.

She’s the real enigma lol. She’s not particular on public life, or social media, but those close enough know she is who she is and the strength she possesses.

Today, she is 40 years old, I celebrate her Royal Majesty, her name is ….. You fill in the gap.”

Muxed comments from fans and netizens trail the birthday post. While many joined Pastor Tobi to celebrate his wife, other condemn him.

Her Majestyjoy wrote, “Wow so he’s married and he Dey gbensh person wife.”

Zebaeby commented, “Why she no go be Enigma as she Dey tolerate your nonsense”

Nikki Laoye wrote, “Happy Birthday to Mrs PT. God bless her more as she adds a new year today Amen.”

“Happy Birthday and congratulations to a special gift to this generation,” Dapo Adegboyega wrote.

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