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“It can never be Adeboye or Oyedepo” – Reactions as Pastor suspends collection of offerings in his church due to economic hardship (Video)

Pastor suspends offerings

Social media users are reacting to a viral video of a clergyman suspending the collection of offerings in his church over economic hardship.

In the viral clip, the clergyman declared that there would be no more collections of offerings until the economy was better. He urged other men of God to follow in his footsteps as he noted how citizens suffer because of the economy.

“We suppose collect offerings today. For now, because of the situation in this country, we are bringing the offering. All pastors should take note that, pending the situation of this country, they shouldn’t collect offerings.

To all pastors all over the world, stop collecting offerings for now”.

His thoughtful declaration has caused mixed reactions online as some applauded him for being considerate, while others slammed him.

One Thatcher Ukwuoma wrote, “Nonsense. Seeking public validation. Allow those who love God to give, simple. Giving us not affected by rich or poor you are. Everyone living has something to give; the question is, do you love God enough to give?

One Sangy Da Freak wrote, “God bless you, sir; you get sense at least you understand what humanity is all about

One Ksolo Hitz wrote, “How do you run the church bills and other things? No be to talk for social be the thing

One Fine Wine wrote, “They didn’t force anyone to pay the offering and tithe. If the followers cannot use their heads. That’s in them

One Gare4m wrote, ‘No let Oyedepo see am o

One Dera Uchenna Duru wrote, “Can never be Adeboye or Oyedepo

One Mr Horlic wrote, “If you like no collect offering, real life different from social media. U go later collect loan to buy fuel for Sunday service”.

The clergyman wouldn’t be the first pastor to stop the collection of tithes. Recall that popular clergyman and founder of Deeper Life, Pastor Kumuyi, had shared an important sermon to Christians, advising Christians to give their offerings to the pøor and unemployed in the community.

Kumuyi advised Christians not to spend money on building churches but also help their poor neighbours who cannot afford basic life needs.

In December, Charly Boy posed an important question to Nigerians on the essence of religion as he reacted to a viral video of Pastor Adeboye demanding offerings ranging from N100 million to N1 billion.

Calling religion a business, he stated that most clergymen, whom he considers as God of men, are into Jesus’ enterprise.

Days back, Kanayo Kanayo had a message for the public as he blessed his son, Clinton, over his first Salary.

He admonished the public to take their first salary to their fathers for blessings and not their pastors. He tackled a clergyman who said the first Salaries of the year belonged to him, questioning if he ever considered how the person would feed and transport themselves to and from for the month.

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