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Pastor caught packing human faeces, confesses on what he wants to use it for |Video

Pastor caught packing human faeces

Video of a pastor nabbed while packing human faeces has gone viral on the internet. According to the pastor, he needed the faeces to carry out some experiments.

Though no one believes him because it is quite obvious he needed to use if for a diabolical purpose.

Watch Video below;


See how people are reacting to this video;

@Izzabites said “That is why Africa is where it is till today! We keep on blaming colonialism that even their bones must have become garri in the grounds for our problems😡 Religion is YOU! If you want something from God why the hell do you need a middle man?!!!! Telling you Holy water! Anointing oil! This that! Y’all injesting shit that you do not know it’s source!! Haba!! We should wake up and realize that YOU are the ONLY on responsible for your faith!!! They are soo desperate at this pandemic time that they will do ANYTHING for their LIVELIHOOD(cos that’s what it’s all about). By now we should know that NO ONE does Father Christmas all in the name of religion. If you are troubled don’t deceive yourself and believe that one malam or pastor deprived himself sleep(which is a NORMAL human phenomenon) over your matter. May God help us “

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