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Ozo tells Nengi that their kids will be albino if they get married (VIDEO)

Ozo and Nengi
Ozo and Nengi

Ozo has said that if he and Nengi should get married, their children will be albino because they are both light-skinned.

This was after Lilo gushed at the prospect of them getting married because they share the same kind of light-skin complexion.

“I love to see both of them together because they are excellent. I can’t even ignore seeing them together

“Their kids will be too beautiful they won’t even look Nigerian”, Lilo said.

In reaction, Ozo said their kids will be albino because when two light-skinned people get married, their children usually look that way.

Watch the video below to see the way Nengi was gushing at the match-making going on.

It was too overwhelming for her that she had to stylishly leave the scene but returned immediately.

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