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Overzealous Twitter user calls out Anto Lecky for putting “dr” in her name

Anto Lecky - dr

A Twitter user known as Dolapo has recently taken to X Platform to call out a reality TV star Anto Lecky over her use “doctor” in her social media bio.

He expressed that it was wrong for her to add doctor to her name when her doctorate was honorary. He advised her to take to yank off the doctor in her bio. He further stated that if she really wanted to be addressed as a doctor then she needed to go to med school or do a PhD.

He also expressed that she had also added the title on her website. He revealed that as a doctoral candidate he would not let people use that designation without going through the same sleepless night that he had gone through.

In his words, he says,

, why did you add doctor to your name when your doctorate is honorary? Take that shit off sis. If you want to be addressed as a doctor, go to med school or go do a fucking PhD. This clown even adds the title on her website. As a doctoral candidate, I will not let you use that designation without going through the same sleepless night. You may have missed the memo but only the institution conferring the honorary degree is allowed to call you a doctor”

.Recall that just a few days ago, Anto Lecky had been involved in a heated argument online where she cried out over the rate of people leaving Nigeria to other countries. She expressed that it was a big problem for Nigerians to leave the country to other countries primarily because of money because the economy was no better in these other countries.

Also recall that in 2023, Anto Lecky had also expressed that her weight gain was as a result of a health condition that she has been battling, which so many people assume is PCOS. She also noted how people had belittled her when she weighed less and now that she had added they were also bullying her.

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