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Overzealous Davido fan frames exchange between him and his idol

An overzealous Davido fan known as Abazz on Twitter has taken his fan love to a different level by framing a comment made by Davido.

It all started when he took to the X platform to reveal that he missed Davido. He revealed that Davido had not tweeted for 3 days. Reacting to this, Davido responded by revealing that he was resting while stating that it’s going to be a wild summer.

Now he came on Twitter just recently to show a framed photo of this exchange between him and his idol Davido while revealing that he had framed it to show his future kids.


He also expressed that he stans Davido who is the biggest artist the African music industry has ever produced.

Now let us also recall that back in April, Davido and Wizkid had gotten into a major online scuffle. It all started when Wizkid took a swipe at Davido by sharing an embarrassing video of Davido on his timeline.

Davido reacting to this called Wizkid out for being a physically abusive person. He further body shamed Wizkid for being smallish and for wearing the same size shoes as little kids.

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