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“Over 90% of marriages are not happy” – Pastor Femi Emmanuel reveals in recent sermon

In a recent development, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, who is the Presiding Pastor of Living Spring Chapel International, has advised singles on what they should never do.

He revealed that, as a single person, you should never forgive and take back an unfaithful partner.

During this sermon, he also went on to state that a lot of people go on to forgive partners who have been unfaithful to them, which leads to an unhappy marriage, as he revealed that over 90% of marriages are not happy in it.

Reality TV star Vee Iye has, back in April, revealed that marriage did not make sense to her. She expressed that while she completely believes in the institution of being with someone, she does not see the need of getting married.

She also stated that it might have a lot to do with the fact that she was still young and, therefore, her views might change the older she got. She also expressed that she has never been in a relationship with somebody that she genuinely saw herself settling down with.

In November of 2023, we also record that Kemi Filani reported that Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has warned women over putting their love for relationship and marriage over their love for God.

He expressed how a lot of women place marriage above God. He emphasized that this was wrong and that it was important that women prioritize God above everything else for their own well-being and the welfare of their future children.

He also recalled that Solomon Buchi had, in the beginning of the year, shared his insights on dating people who waste your time.

He expressed that just one week into meeting his wife, he had told her that he was going to get married to her.

He advised singles who were in talking stages that they should not let it linger for more than three months.

He advised women that nothing can stop a man that is ready because he will always communicate his intentions with so much clarity and intentionality.

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