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Our gods have been demonized – Oluwo of Iwo raises alarm

Oluwo of Iwo

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo has spoken against the way the gods in Africa have been demonized by the people.

In a social media post, the Oluwo of Iwo stated that that is why the gods are not found to be appealing to the people.

He also spoke in favour of upgrading the gods to make them appear appealing just like the Christian God.

The white people came up with a smart and wise idea.. they jettisoned the old God in the “Old Testament” and makes Him part of their history cos that God in the latter kills and committed so many atrocities and then came up with a new God which is in the “New Testament ” that the Christians of today preach ( A God that makes you prosper with riches, merciful and all goodies of life etc) never did anything wicked even though he asks for burnt offerings, Son of Abraham to be sacrificed, plagues the land, told King Saul to kill everyone in Amalek all male, female and even suckling infants ( sarcastic) !! But the Black Man refuses to upgrade and update theirs over 2000 years after the white man did…

“Our own gods and the most popular ones have not been upgraded or updated to a merciful one that brings you riches, prosperity and all goodies of life etc thats why we worship the merciful God of the white man compared to Sango who infact was a good man but all we know about Sango today is Sango will kill you, Ogun will kill you, Sanponna will kill you etc when will our own gods stop killing their children and be merciful for once ??? As for me and my entire household “I will opt for the merciful ones that brings goodies, merciful, forgiving, Just etc until the Black Man decides to have the good God that does not do evil until the whole Black Africa changes their minds and upgrade or update their own old testament to a new testament !! Its not only Yoruba Ronu (Yoruba think deep) but gbogbo Adulawo eyan dudu eronu yin wo ( but all Blacks should have a rethink) !!! Emperor Telu1
Oba abdulrasheed adewale Akanbi Alashe Lori Orisha Akoko (#1) Arole Olodumare Akoko (#1) in the whole Yorubaland and the whole wide beautiful world”.

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