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“Otedola is a clout chaser” – Dencia says as she mocks poor Africans

Bleaching experts and musician, Dencia has taken to social media to mock poor Africans and black people.

According to the Cameroonian/Nigerian social media sensation, even rich people like Otedola, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other s are clout chasers.

She wrote:

“Africans on the internet be like; Oh this is how rich people live, breath, eat speak e.t.c Bruh, you’ve never been rich, how do you know? Show us by example. You will see the folks from brokeville schooling people instead of getting their lives together.”

“Is it not the same internet your billionaires Otedola and co are gragging and clouting on with us? is it not the same internet Bill gates is dragging with us, posing from the front of his 147 million dollar mansion you see?”

“Isn’t it the same internet and social media Jeff Bezos is using to show us his amazing life?”

See the rest below:

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