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“He is a disgrace to the law profession” Gov Okowa’s aide, Ossai Ovei Success calls for the sanctioning of Davido’s lawyer

Ossai Ovei Success slams Davido's lawyer

Ossai Ovei Success, the aide to Governor Okowa has slammed Davido’s Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua better known as Prince for smoking while carrying his son.

Kemi Filani News reported on Sunday, June 5th that Bobo Ajuda had been dragged online for smoking in his son’s presence.

The legal practitioner shared a distasteful video of him and his son as he smoke unapologetically at an event.

To worsen it, his son was holding the ‘shisha’ and giving it to him to smoke.

At some point, the toddler wanted to put it in his mouth until his father stopped him.

This earned him several backlashes as many scolded him for his poor parental behaviour.

Joining netizens to blast him, Ossa Ovie called him a disgrace to the law profession.

He called for the sanctioning of Bobo Ajudua as no responsible father should do such in his son’s presence.

Ossai noted how the toddler wanted to emulate his father’s actions before he stopped him.

He added that the mother should take full custody of him to avoid harm.

“He is an irresponsible father. I heard this is @davido lawyer, Bobo Ajudua with his son in the club. Well, being a lawyer doesn’t qualify you to be a responsible father. Debo is a disgrace to the law profession and should be sanctioned. No responsible father will ever do this in the presence of his son. Look at the video very well and you will see the point where the child wanted to emulate the father irresponsible act. This is sad. The mother should please take full custody of the child to avoid more harm since the father is showing an act of irresponsibility”.

Ossai Ovei Success blasts Bobo Ajudua
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