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“I am a bride waiting to be dressed up” Ooni’s ex-wife, Queen Naomi, reveals her relationship status

Queen Naomi

Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi’s ex-wife, Queen Naomi Silekunola, has revealed her current relationship status.

The mother of the Ife crown prince revealed that she spoke about her life after separation from Ooni and how she has been faring ever since she left the palace.

During an interview with the Punch newspapers, Naomi Silekunola disclosed that she had a bittersweet relationship with the present Ife monarch, and she is not ready to spill about her marriage because the time is not now.

She further disclosed that she is single and ready for marriage, saying she is a bride waiting to be dressed up.

“It’s a different thing to be single, and it is a different thing to be ready to mingle. But what I can say for sure is that I am a bride waiting to be dressed up.

Can you clarify that?

You know, ‘Eni ti won gbe iyawo bo wa ba ko kin garun’. I don’t know how God plans to do it because He is my event planner. But there is a big event waiting to happen (if you are) talking about that aspect of my life.

Hmmm, you see this queen, it will take a strong king to get me; I am single.”

Queen Naomi exits Ooni of Ife’s palace

Kemi Filani recalls Queen Naomi’s dramatic exit from the Ife palace in 2021. The former Ife Queen shared details on her Instagram about why she left the place and renounced her position as royalty.

She, however, sparked speculation that the king has a dual personality. and he is not what he portrayed himself to be on the outside.

“I did my best to endure and make it work; many times, I smiled through the struggle, but I finally realised I had just one assignment, my son, and when God is done, He is done. He chose Saul to be king, and when He was done, He told the prophet Samuel I have moved on.

Religion was never an issue between us; please refer to my interview on News Central TV. Instead, His Majesty has a picture he would love the world to see and perceive him as and another one which is his true self.

Today I announce the beginning of a new dawn and the close of a chapter. Today, I am a mother to God’s unique gift. I am no longer a slave to my thoughts of perfection.

I, at this moment, announce that I shall no longer be referred to as wife to the Ooni of Ife or as Queen of Ile-Ife but as the Queen of the people and mother of my adorable Prince.”

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