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Omotola shares pictures from her visit to the historic town of Badagry

Omotola shares pictures from her visit to the historic town of Badagry


Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has shared pictures from her visit to the historic town of Badagry. The actress, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday in a glamourous way, was accompanied by her husband as they paid a visit to The Akran of Badagry, De Aholu Menu-Toyi I.

While in Badagry, the actress took the time to addressed some youths, telling them that they should focus on important things in life instead of wasting their data on insulting celebrities. Transcript from the video (watch video below):

”Stop getting angry with the Freezes of this world. They are not your problem; they are trying to help you. He might be wrong (what he’s saying), you might not agree with what he’s saying. But you must agree with the spirit with which he’s saying it. You need to wake up. You need to wake up black people… you need to wake up. Because nobody is going to hand it over to you. We need to stop about the fashion. Fashion is good… we all want to look good. But at this point in our lives, fashion is not important. Let the people who have conquered everything else talk about fashion. Fashion is not your problem right now. You have bigger problems. Don’t be on social media buying data to be insulting celebrities or following celebrities to know what they wore last night. That’s not your business. How many of these big labels are owned by Africans or black people? Tomorrow you are wearing feragamo, next tomorrow you are wearing Gucci… or you are using your facebook or instagram or whatever… They are all made by who?”

Her Instagram post about the trip:

Day 3. #Renaissancetriptobadagry
About 100 young people , press and influencers with support from the Lagos state ministry of Culture and Tourism took the journey to badagry where we went to trace the physical beginning of slavery and change the Narrative. we’ve often been told the white man came and did this or that… Truth is… we did this!!! We Enabled our people to be Enslaved! The Slave Merchants were Unsuccessful until they “Approached” and “Teamed up ” with our chiefs, kings and Leaders. 
Out of “Greed” , Last of Self Respect and Love for our kind , Our fore fathers “Allowed” and Enslaved their own! 
Today… This is still happening. 
The leaders , people in PUBLIC office and we the citizenry continue to Enslave ourselves and sell our pride , humanity and future. As Black people we cannot truly be liberated or emancipated until we acknowledge our part in slavery and Address the Real problem … #MentalSlavery! 
#MentalslaveryandtheEmancipationoftheBlackRace. #omotola4point0


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