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Olajumoke throws shade at co-hosts of Your View on TVC?

Olajumoke Olawode-James, one of the co-hosts of popular program Your View which airs on TVC, appears to have given a hint as to why she left the show.

In a controversial article titled The Politics of Impeaching a Co-host. The Real Story, Olajumoke apparently threw shades at co-hosts of the show as she hinted that she may have been impeached, which explains her absence.

The article reads:

“If a Co-host leaves a show without a proper send-off, it will raise eyebrows; and rumours of a “sack” or “impeachment”, will fill the air. While a show host can actually be sacked and get a full party to cover the whole truth!

You can’t guess what you don’t know; and except someone tells you the truth, speculations may be wrong. Remember Tamara?

This is going to be a 7-part story (by popular demand), talking about each and every woman, sisterhood, friendships and the ultimate betrayal. I have kept quiet and kept my cool, as all sorts of speculations flew by.

I have been on TV, on and off for 22 years, since my teens; so I am not totally a Novice in these matters. People generally say women don’t work well together. Emotions; insecurities, envy, jealousy and general bad thoughts and attitudes. But some of us profess to have religion and are above petty emotions. Hmmmn!

Total Balderdash!

Women are insecure! Final full stop.

The fact that you have more experience, a good family background, know better, even look better; women will be insecure around you. If you add academic excellence and right social standing, you will make a lot of women insecure about their own lacklustre achievements.

They, therefore, have to package themselves to be who they are not and even make a lot of noise THEMSELVES about their own achievements, because it’s all packaging!

Package it, till you make it.

Fake it, till it LOOKS real.

Believe it, till you believe it!

It’s a whole lot of nonsense!

These insecure women, will do anything to get you out of the way. If you leave by your own accord, they will feign sadness and celebrate behind you. If you hear what your friends say behind you, you won’t have friends. That’s why it’s key to forgive and truly move on to have peace and joy, for YOURSELF!

Tamara, of The Real, still doesn’t know why she was fired till today, but it wasn’t because of her Co-hosts as speculated by most people. Her Manager, now ex-husband, got a negotiation on her behalf wrong and she was hacked from the show. Fueling rumours of incompatibility with some of her co-hosts, like Jeanie; and maybe Loni got her fired. Everyone has denied the allegations. But, for almost four years, some rumours still linger, because the ladies sort of fell out with her and didn’t stay friends. Again, emotions! Loni reached out this year, Tamara said she didn’t want to be used for ratings!

Lots of Fire! For nothing!

Some people get fired because their co-hosts can’t deal with the bad PR that comes out of their infidelity. Some resign because they reach retirement age. Some, it’s political miscalculations and flared egos. For some others, it’s pure selfish ambition.

I always say, if Barbara Walters retired and The View was named after her, will there still be a show to earn Executive Producer fees from? I’m waiting to see who will host Oprah, after Oprah Winfrey retires!

At first, I wasn’t sure if it was the fake wigs or the head wraps and fancy hair dressings that got some ladies acting out of order. Then, I realized fawning the political bigwigs, can make you look like a bigot or lose objectivity. But a true Journalist must always be fair, accurate and balance. But some of these ladies are just musicians and dancers. Some are outright clowns or comedians but there’s nothing funny about citizens; whose voices aren’t being represented, by the people who can make a change.

TV is visual and you need eye candy! But the brain behind the eyes must be sharp, not bopping heads (as we call them in Broadcast school). TV is for witty people. And it’s more than entertainment. It’s also dishing out information and education, to make each society, a better one to live in.

What have women on TV contributed to national development? Or are we on TV to show off our latest shoes and borrowed jewelry? Are we there to pick up favours or “blow”? Do we just want to have connections with the powers-that-be or take selfies with celebs? Or we have a passion to affect lives positively and every other perk, is an advantage; as losing your privacy is a disadvantage?

I just wonder!

In my experience, passion stands you out!

If you burn yourself up, people will stand and watch! You can’t also give what you don’t have. You can be the finest, yet the dumbest! It takes a lot of research to appear good on TV, it’s not about makeup and fake hair! It’s also more than bleaching your skin to look like the ones that are tanning. It’s about knowing your craft and standing for something; and not here today, there tomorrow.

So, if anyone’s tomfoolery is of enough nuisance value to impeach a co-host, they can not replicate originality! That’s why Tamara can’t be replaced. It’s pretty much the same here too.

I will break it all down from 6 years ago!

Too be continued…..

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share.


Read PART 2 HERE where she had more explosives to drop.

Olajumoke and co-hosts of Your View
Olajumoke and co-hosts of Your View
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