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Olajumoke Orisaguna in financial crisis…quits social media, after parting ways from husband

it appears that all is not well with Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller, who in 2016 hit fame miraculously, after she photo boomed, a shoot by Nigerian photographer/Singer, TY Bello.

The bread seller turm model has been off the social media scene for months now and no word has been heard from her management when reached out to.

You will recall that her story quickly spread like wild fire in the harmattan, with both local and international media, rushing to get the scoop after her magical photo bomb with TY Bello.

TY Bello and Azuka Ogujiuba, a former senior reporter with THISDAY Style, teamed up quickly to rewrite Olajumoke’s story. Endorsements from big companies came from here and there, and Olajumoke quickly became the story that inspired millions of young Nigerians.

However, the former bread seller isn’t doing as well as she was, 3 years ago. Even her relationship with Sunday Orisaguna, the father of her two children, is far from being good.

Life reportedly became tough with Olajumoke, when Azuka Ogujiuba, her former manager, parted ways with her.

“I think she was better when she was with Azuka because Azuka and TY Bello have great connections that paid Olajumoke more”, Sunday her husband revealed months ago.

“I just know her manager calls her, they go out and return late. Sometimes she returns as late as past 12am and without explanations. She doesn’t even tell me where they go and what happens,” he added.

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