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As anyone checked up on John Dumelo”, Okon Lagos raises concern over his recent attacks on Super Eagles



Okon Lagos raises concern for John Dumelo

Nigerian actor and comic act, Imeh Bishop Umoh has raised concern following the recent outburst of his Ghanaian colleague, John Dumelo on Nigerian football team, Super Eagles.

John Dumelo had shocked many when he came online to declare that he would trek to Lagos from Ghana if Super Eagles beat his country in a football match.

Many thought that it was a joke and didn’t read much meaning into it until he spoke out again over the failure of both team to earn a goal.

Belittling the super Eagles, he described them as “Super Chickens” and stated that he was very confident that we could never win.

This has drawn several mixed reactions as even his Nigerian colleagues weren’t impressed with his statement.

“Dear super chickens, I was very confident you Won’t win this game. But before you leave for N’ja, I have free ginger from my farm fornyou. Yours truly… John Dumelo. Son of Likpe”.

Raising concern, Okon Lagos called for those around him to check up on him.

He stated that on a flip side he thought the actor was okay but his recent outburst had made him think otherwise.

He wondered if his account was hacked as the public spite has become worrisome.

“Wait O. On a flip side thought John Dumelo is okay. Who has checked in him in real life, lately? Hope his account is not hacked o. His public spite on the Super Eagles as seen on social media is for me, very worrisome. E Don dey pass “be kiaful”.

Okon Lagos raises concern for John Dumelo
Okon Lagos raises concern for John Dumelo