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Offset reveals how he got married to Cardi B when no one thought he was serious about it

Rapper Offset has revealed that he got married to Cardi B when everyone thought he wasn’t serious about starting a family with her.

Cardi b and Offset’s union is currently blessed with a beautiful daughter, with the rapper having other kids from outside the union.

Taking to social media, Offset expressed his love for Cardi B whom he praised for always having his back.

“We made a family when they thought we was playing I married you and aint look back cause I know you got my back,” his post read.

Cardi B responded to her husband’s post saying: “I love you daddy.” Read what some of their fans had to say below:

alademiks: “Power Couple” metalecalec: “Cutest couple in hip hop”

blondie42.zero: “I wish my man spoke about me like that lol”

persian_pearler: “Nothing better than someone who sticks around”

haitiangaga: “Facts I love it when a man proud and brag about his woman”

Offset and Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B
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