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OAP Osi rubbishes singer Hassani’s opinion about broke people in relationships

A popularly known issue on broke people in relationships is a topic that has prompted two different school of thoughts. While some persons are of the opinion that a broke person shouldn’t drag whoever they think they love,into their broke life to suffer, some other persons believe that broke people deserve relationships even before they attain success

Drama ensued on social media earlier this morning, between a popular On Air Personalty, Osi Suave and famous singer, Hassani, over the said topic

While Hassani believes that it is an unfair act to be in a relationship whilst being broke instead of striving for success, Osi feels differently as he outrightly rubbishes the singer’s opinion on the public platform.

In Hassani’s words,

I don’t know how as a man you can be flat broke, and still have an keep a girlfriend. I dunno but i can’t do that to a partner, i would want to protect& provide and be able to provide for atleast even if i don’t have to. That is how i see it

Though Hassani made it clear that it was a personal opinion, and the particular level of being broke which he spoke of couldn’t be over emphasized, Osi still wouldn’t have any of it

In response to Hassani’s post, Osi’s words read;

Baba make we hear word, so bcos i broke make my p*nis no stand.

He wouldn’t stop there, but continued in another post, which read;

See ehn if they had their way them go load poor people for gas chamber gas then gas them troway

Another user who could relate with Osi’s side of the issue,responded to Osi saying;
“Baba i tire oh”

Check the series of posts here;

Well, what are your thoughts?

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