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OAP, Maria Okan is pregnant for a musician who is a father of 2 (Photos)

On Sunday, June 30, 2019, Nigerian On Air Personality, Maria Okan whose real names are Maria Okanrende marked her 32nd birthday.

The media personality who hails from Ogun state also flaunted her baby bump for the first time.

The news shocked her fans as Okan who works with  Beat FM didn’t announce her wedding or engagement.

Well, it has been alleged that Maria Okan is pregnant for a popular musician who is already a father of two.

According to popular blogger, SDK’s Rumour Has It…

Read below ; “Hmmmm ”My Tomorrow has come” and i have to berth this now… Rumour mongers have started and this time they say that the one who sings has every reason to rejoice as babies are popping left,right and centre for him…what a beautiful year so far!!!.. So here is what the walls heard…. A very petite,popular and beautiful OAP (co-hosts a programme on *66.6*fm *turn upside down* )is pregnant for the one who holds a mic and does wonders with it……… The pregnancy is about 8 months gone and the about to be baby mama who has lips like Maami Angelina Jay the American actress is extremely excited to welcome her child even though she was allegedly not in a proper relationship with the about to be baby daddy who is not new to being a father and has been on the journey twice already and still celebrating.. ”He is not happy that she kept the pregnancy but he it is his and there have no been no denials yet,maybe when the story blows but for now he knows the pregnancy is his but does not Understand why she did it.
Marry?AH, that is not the issue right now …. The patter of tiny feet according to the Amebos,will arrive in Four weeks,or less if baby decides to come earlier.
The petite beauty has posted all her baby shower photos and some celeb handles are congratulating and complimenting on how beautifully pregnant she looks.. Ah I love babies but ”KilO Kan mi be?” I have dusted my boots eeeeeeh.
Baby News is beautiful news and it doesnt matter with who or how many times….if una decide to keep the baby then it should not be a secret oh…If denial comes with this,I will drink water and mind my business…. Infact let me mind my business right now………. If what you just read does not make sense despite all the long write up,then mind your business.”

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