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OAP Dotun slams Radio employers who only look for people with phonetics

OAP Dotun of Cool FM has reacted to a controversial interview in which OAP Misi of Hot FM stated that Tiwa Savage only shouts while performing and that she doesn’t have the kind of vocal range Yemi Alade has.

According to a series of tweets released by OAP Dotun, Misi’s words were bereft of the ethics of broadcasting and that what she did was kissing Yemi Alade’s behind.

OAP Dotun slams Radio employers who only look for people with phonetics

He also chastised employers who only look for people with phonetics without considering whether they have the right ethics for the job.

Read his tweets below and also video of OAP Misi slamming Tiwa Savage.


”Now I saw the Tiwa story and this is my take on a few OAPs. It is okay to have an opinion but you shouldn’t cos of the ethics but if you must, stop pulling off a “Chalarmagne” on things you know nothing about or things that are clearly not true

The will to be popular amongst a few OAPS cracks me up. It is not by being controversial or daring. I am all of these but be objective while u are at it. The HOT FM lady was desperately a** kissing & it is the trend these days. Ask the right questions, be daring but be objective

Radio has been watered down & mostly by employers who would meet one young girl or guy that can blow phonetic like us forgetting they need to go through the REAL exercise of BROADCASTING. A few of these OAPS forget the word ETHICS. They just want to talk from their a**

As for Yemi, the real reason why women in Nigeria can not boast of the huge numbers in music is cos you don’t support each other. So, all these advocacy of “support our ladies” is a hoax cos you ladies are actually the problem. The guys already love you, so what is the problem?

The need to be controversial when u don’t have the rudiments & when u don’t have the facts to back a claim is the new style of broadcasting nowadays. “I must trend” syndrome & it is so funny. Ask the right questions, let the artiste shoot themselves. Just ask the right questions

Enjoy Radio for what it is worth. @TaymiB & I are overly the most controversial on radio but there is a RULE. The rule is say what u know, what is fact, what is objective, what is ethical. As an OAP, u shouldn’t have absolute POWER. It is a microphone meant for the people not YOU.”


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