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Nollywood is disunited and full of backstabbers – Kevin Ikeduba reveals

Nollywood actor, Kevin Ikeduba recently released a viral video where he spoke on fake lives in the movie industry. According to him, social media may be full of fake people but it is nothing compared to what obtains in Nigeria’s movie industry.


The message was received by most as a direct attack on Ikeduba’s Nollywood colleagues, most of whom are known for flaunting lifestyles they cannot afford in reality. However, in an interview with Punch Newspaper, the actor has cleared the air by stating that he was not speaking of individuals but of the industry itself and the lack of structure that exists in it.

Ikeduba said, “We need to have one body, it may seem difficult because of the different tribes but it can still work. That is why Nigeria is still standing as a country because we are united despite our diversity. If it can happen in Nigeria, then it is possible in Nollywood. If we go to the government as one body, then the government will listen to us. Instead of going in different groups and backstabbing one another,”

I am not one who will normally rant on social media; I hold no grudge against any of my colleagues. I was motivated to use the content of my video because I just thought about the happenings in Nollywood. The whole ‘fake life’ issue I talked about has nothing to do with individuals; everyone has the right to live their lives the way they choose to. I was coming from the angle of the industry itself. If we were united and had a strong organisation, it would be better for us. I am bothered about the structure, some people may think it won’t work, but I believe that if it can work for Nigeria, then it can work for Nollywood. It was just my opinion; I didn’t consult anyone before making the video.”

“But here in Nigeria, if we need support from the government, and the artistes go in different groups, the government won’t take us seriously. The segregation is there, they see some people as those who their movies do well in the cinema and others as those who make home videos. When actors were born, they were not born with the inscription ‘cinema’, written on their foreheads, we are all actors. We need to be united. Togetherness will take us forward; let’s not pretend that we don’t have problems when we do.

Speaking on whether any colleague has approached him for the words he spoke in the video, Ikeduba said, “No one has attacked me; if anyone attacks me, it means the person thinks I am referring to them. No one has attacked me or said anything bad to me. If I have a problem with anyone, I will approach the person and sort things out”.

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