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Nollywood actress, Susan Peters celebrates 40th birthday | Pictures

Susan Peters

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters is celebrating her 40th birthday today, 30th of May. The dark beauty took to her official Instagram page to share stunning pictures of herself in a big to celebrate her birthday.

The multiple award-winning Nigerian actress with over 50 credits in Nigerian films, was born into a military family of Idoma extraction on 30 May 1980 in Ado Local Government Area, Benue State in central Nigeria. Her family moved around Nigeria extensively and, as a consequence, she speaks several Nigerian languages.

Susan started acting in Nollywood films in 2002, the same year that she graduated. The following year she began modelling and appeared in billboards, TV commercials, press ads and handbills for companies such as BAT (British America Tobacco), Fidelity Bank, Bank P.H.B., Golden Penny Pasta, U.H.F. Long Life Milk, Haemeron Blood Tonic and Finbank.

Despite increasing pressure for Nollywood actresses to perform raunchy love scenes and appear with little or no clothing, Peters has stated, more than once, that she is not planning to follow suit. Susan is very discrete about romance and has rarely been linked with any men in the popular press. She said in an interview in 2011 that she was in a relationship but didn’t mention a name, stating that “It’s my private life and I like to keep my private life private. She married a Dutchman in 2015 but is now divorced.

See her pictures below;

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1 Comment

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