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Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo is in deep pain

Alex Ekubo

Contemporary Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has expressed deep pains over the untimely death of his friend turned brother, Otu.

The multi-brand ambassador shared a video of himself and his friends, compiled from their humble beginning until his demise.

Sharing the video online, Alex Ekubo expressed deep pains, stating he is in too much pain because his friend died without considering their plans.

Alex Ekubo also noted that his friendship with Otu started twenty years ago, right from when they were friends at the University of Calabar, UNICAL.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Alex Ekubo wrote: 20 years my friend, 20 years my Brother.
I’m in too much pain.
This wasn’t the Plan Otu.
We started this dream together in Unical 2002, why would you leave me halfway.
Why Otu, why?
I’m confused
I’m still in shock.

A few days ago, Kemi Filani reported that Alex Ekubo shared dasing photos of himself in London, United Kingdom, having fun with some members of the famous Cubana group.

Alex Ekubo shared the photos on Instagram, where he disclosed that he started his hustle with the thoughts of comfortability but found out the hard way that he had to be rich.

The latest landlord also hinted at the magnificent structure that was to be unveiled by the Cubana group.

He wrote: When I started this hustle, all I wanted to do was be comfortable, I wasn’t thinking about been rich.
I later found out the hard way that to be comfortable I needed to be rich.
So I had to double my hustle.

Kemi Filani recalls that the internet was set on a frenzy when Alex Ekubo’s ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, publicly apologized for making the public miscontruct her statement about his s33xual identity.

After the rants online, Fancy Acholonu engaged her fans in a question and answer section. She revealed the impact of social media on her relationship with Alex Ekubo.

While addressing the issue, Fancy Acholonu claimed the internet had nothing to do with her breakup, stating it was beautiful and fun showing their love on the internet.

She also revealed that she would love to be a wife and mother of kids someday as she is tired of being a ‘baby girl’.

“Definitely I believe in marriage I would love to be a wife,

The baby girl life is not for me lol it’s the happily working mom and life I desire + a dog and pet monkey.”

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