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“Nobody respects a beggar” Seun Kuti replies Yvonne Jegede

 In a recent development, artist Seun Kuti has replied Yvonne Jegede following her recent statement which she addressed to the Governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu. 

Recall that earlier today, Kemi Filani had reported that Yvonne Jegede had lamented over the economy as she questioned Sanwolu on why he wanted to feed the citizens through mama put stands in Lagos. 

She further expressed that instead of feeding, he can employ more people and pay them as little as minimum wage since the industrial sector is almost dead. She further stated that most taxpayers have now been reduced to beggars. 

However. Seun Kuti capitalized on her statement where she expressed that taxpayers have been reduced to beggars. He stated that nobody respects a beggar. Hence, why more diligent action should be taken up by the citizens.

Below is what she had to say

Sanwo Olu, Why feed us? Why can’t you just employ us? Get people out to start digging sewages, laying pipes underground, sweeping the streets and paying them as little as minimum wage, since the industrial sector is almost dead.

Why would you even prefer to feed your citizens “Mama Put”, @ taxpayers have been reduced to beggars. 9r.. When will someone just have mercy on us?

When will someone just feel pity for this great country?”

Seun Kuti responding to her statement simply said “No body respects a beggar.”

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