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Noble Igwe reacts as Seyi Law threatens to beat him

Noble Igwe Seyi Law

Media personality, Noble Igwe has reacted after comedian, Seyi Law threatened to beat him up.

A snippet of Seyi Law’s interview with Nedu on his podcast, The Honest Bunch podcast which is currently making rounds, captured the comedian making a threat to the media personality.

In the viral snippet, Seyi Law had threatened to beat Noble Igwe to a pulp whenever they ran into each other. However, the video didn’t reveal reasons for the threat.

“Noble Igwe I am mentioning it publicly, I will beat Noble with Igwe to the extent….”

Responding to it, Noble Igwe mocked the comedian as he noted how his colleagues like Basket Mouth are on yours while he is running from one podcast to another.

“While other comedians your mate are on tour, you are busy moving from one podcast to another @seyilaw1 but then, that’s a tour”.

Recall that Seyi Law and Noble Igwe clashed last year during the election after Noble reacted to a tweet asking Yorubas to warm towards dispelling the narrative being pushed around over their hatred for Igbos.

Noble Igwe had asked the tweep not to allow Seyi Law to see such tweet as he noted how Seyi gave reasons why the Igbos should humble themselves and fit in.

Seyi didn’t find his statement amusing and he immediately hit back at him, stating that he lacked knowledge and understanding.

Days back, Seyi Law and Eedris had clashed online after Eedris claimed that Seyi regretted his decision of voting for President Tinubu as he noted how he had been insulted and cursed over his support for him and how he had stopped receiving money from people at his shows.

Reacting to it, Seyi Law in a tweet, expressed his love for Eedris as he debunked the allegation.

Following this, a netizen brought out the video of him expressing his regret for supporting Tinubu, which led to an online banter between the two as Eedris slammed him for trying to paint him as a liar while Seyi stated that Eedris was using his lies to pander his bloated ego and unsolicited activism.

However, Seyi Law offered an olive branch to Eedris over the tons of backlash he had received.

He stated that God bears him witness that he never had a side discussion with him about the allegation he made against him in his recent interview. He stated that maybe Eedris misunderstood his jokes. However, that doesn’t stop him from pitying him over the backlash he has received from different people which has gotten to him.

Wishing him well, he noted how nobody is infallible to mistakes and he hopes people will let things go.

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