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“No wonder Tiwa left you” – Netizens react to Teebillz applauding P.Didddy amidst his domestic abuse controversy

Teebillz made a post on Instagram recently, praising P.Diddy for his exceptional parenting skills.

Although the post was meant to be uplifting, netizens didn’t take it well, and they voiced out their anger.

hasmodd wrote, “Oga teebillz face Nigeria matter or your own issues. Must u always tell
the world u a good father ? That’s for your kids to say .u just trying to be relevant”

frank1 wrote, “Baba relax did you forgot what you did to Tiwa.”

empress_ceeyara wrote, “U learnt parenting from a predator. Congrats”

officialjessyca wrote, “Instead pls post Cassie like did you watch the way he hit her????”

iam_winnifred wrote, “No wonder tiwa left you u don’t have common sense.”

manuelmike wrote, “They are thoughts you should hold inside instead of putting it on the Gram too sensitive a topic to be telling the m World you learning from him, maybe you know better”

yofavkloud_9 wrote, “Amen Sending love and protection over his children as they witness all the things the world sees about they father. I will not bash or judge another for the wrongdoing out here at all! Only can pray those affected and impacted by these events are learning how to not be afraid to speak or leave any situation unhealthy”

leo.is.friendly wrote, “Bill it seems like you are praising this guy indirectly. Make it make sense. You know your story is relatable, just that you could not fund it…”

¡_am_precious39 wrote, “Why are u forcing urself on bloggers sir @ David no go minus o with all these u saying keep raising ur dead career with his name sir u almost there”

official__queencandy wrote, “What about the woman he assaulted and abused? can you say same for her?”

stricamiles wrote, “Diddy didd-ied all the men that attended his party abi u too don attend the party b4??”

official_bigchris01 wrote, “This post con tire me sef.. Hello sir get your point straight”

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