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‘No matter how much you offer me, I won’t expose my body in a musical video’ – Efe Irele

Efe Irele, an actress, model and music video vixen has revealed her no-go area when it comes to expressing her crafts.

In an recent interview, the entertainer who is a native of Edo State  said, “I still do Video Vixen but some selected videos, but not everything that comes my way. No matter how much you offer me, I won’t expose my body in a musical video.”

“Even if the pay is so good and tempting, I will not show my skin. I can display nudity as a video vixen. That was never me, at any point in time.”

“From the outset, I had this kind of mindset that I am not going to show my skin to bring any attention to myself. In all the musical videos I have featured in, I was properly dressed.”

Asked what she was doing before she ventured into the entertainment industry, Efe Irele said, “Before acting I owned an event management company and before that I used to work as a Human Resource manager because I have a masters in Human Resource management so I did that for almost a year and because I was frustrated in the job I just wanted to get out of there.”

“Before then, I was into TV modeling and I knew I loved being in front of the camera; it was a weird transition, I never really knew that I wanted to act but I knew that I loved watching movies and re-enacting things in the house with my parents and my siblings and I also used to do appearances in music videos, and then my manager said a lot of people wanted me for acting roles and just like that, I started falling in love with acting going to auditions regularly until I finally got my role in Aso Ebi.”

Efe Irele is in a happy relationship, but would rather keep her man off the public space.

She tells why: “I am in a relationship and I had to keep it off social media because as much as there is fame, I like to keep certain parts of my life to myself and enjoy it on my own. It’s almost the same way even with family.”

” I don’t always post my family so much so I like having that moment for myself. Celebrity relationships don’t last, I often hear but it’s like every human being we all have our faults.”

“People now generalise it because we are on the forefront of the general public. Every human being in every aspect of life will falter; no one is perfect at the end of the day.”

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