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No child you beat can ever reach his full potential – Oyemykke reacts to viral video of father slapping his son

Instagram influencer, Oyemykke has stated that no child who gets beaten will reach his full potential in life.

Oyemykke stated this in reaction to a video which shows a father slapping his son for failing his exams.

According to he father who has been summoned by Zambian police, the son failed Maths and English but scored an A in Music despite him spending $21k on his schooling.

Oyemykke who reacted to the video criticized the method employed by the father. He also stated that child beating can be categorized as domestic violence.

Meanwhile, the father has responded to criticism he got for disciplining his child. Sharing on Facebook, the man stated that he has every right to discipline the boy and that if anyone feels otherwise, they should come and adopt him.

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