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Nkechi’s politician lover, Opeyemi does the unexpected after begging his fans for money

Nkechi Blessing and Fan

Actress, Nkechi Blessing’s politician lover, Opeyemi has surprised many of his followers on Instagram after doing the unexpected.

This comes after Opeyemi asked his followers to send him some money and some of them did as he said.

A few hours later, the American Soldier asked the people that sent him money to send their account numbers.

According to Opeyemi, he would be sending back to these people times two of the money they sent to him.

Giving reasons why he did that, the politician said that he wanted to feel blessed, hence the reason why he asked to be sent some money.

In his words;

Just wanna tell everyone that sent me money when I said “someone should pls bless me cos I wanna feel blessed after a longtime , I hereby doubled every penny u sent to me, sometimes the giver(me) wanna feel appreciated, u took a bold step it takes a stronger person to know how to give, some got millions but can’t give, all have done for humanity is based on my personal resources just wanna make difference in my generation, only God defines the affairs of men. Wanna appeal to everyone that I wasn’t trying to play on their intelligence wanna also feel loved, I appreciate everyone that prayed for me as well may all ur prayers be ur portion. All our givers should pls send back their account numbers to the my DM as they willl surely receive double portion of what they invested.”

Reacting to this,

@nkechiblessingsunday wrote “Oga don turn money doubler ooo… Why I no Rush send you my last 1k shey be you for double am bayi”

@legendary_sg wrote”More blessings sir, that’s a great lesson”

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