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Nkechi Blessing unleashes more venoms on her ex Opeyemi Falegan, leaks their private chats

I served you hot romantic breakfast - Nkechi Blessing blows hot

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday is not done exposing her ex, Opeyemi Falegan to the world.

The actress who has been dragging him into the mud since he announced their break up, has spilled more dirt’s about him.

Sharing screenshot of their chats, she revealed that she called things off with him the last time she went to London but he has been pleading with her to take him back.

In the chats she shared online, Falegan told Nkechi that he hasn’t thought of anyone who could be a better wife than Nkechi Blessing.

He also stated that the actress had painted his world with brighter colours and brought meanings to his life and now she was darkening it by leaving him.

In a lengthy post, she warned her ex to stop talking about her as she would unleash more dirt’s about him.

She wrote, “I am going to leave this here just because of future reference, na that Yoruba oko mi Oko mi cus all this one ODF leave my name out of your mouth ooo…. I am glad you know me before you say you like me join all my craze no let me unleash all for this Mark app…I walked away from this relationship by myself and left you in it since I left London, But na everyday beg and cry, I saw all d red flags and I cannot be caught up in such. Because a failed relationship is better than a failed marriage, I was never married to you. Apologize to anyone who feels I was married to this man….. Make una no vex na my fault Opeyemi please move on in peace. Na God wey dey heaven I take beg you, LEAVE ME ALONE!! I tried hard to meet you at d level of love you claimed to have for me, but I couldn’t am did wasn’t going to lead you on. I decided to take a walk instead….. I wish you all the best in whatever relationship you find in future… But pls leave this Ghetto Nuisance’s name out of your mouth… I go drag you reach 2036 if you no leave me oooo. ENUF SAID!!!!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Nkechi Blessing had dragged her ex-boyfriend and politician Opeyemi Falegan amidst their messy breakup.

Nkechi Blessing had exposed some secrets of Opeyemi Falegan, his fake lifestyle and how he almost turned her into a beggar.

In the series of posts shared on her Instagram story, Nkechi Blessing opined that many people are stuck in bad relationships because of the fear of what people will say, but she can love someone and still let them go

While urging Opeyemi Falegan to enjoy the minor fame, he got while it last, Nkechi Blessing said the politician had wanted to turn her into Instagram beggar because of his foundation and questioned who begs to help others.

Nkechi Blessing also said Opeyemi Falegan was living off older women in London, and she does not know his job, but all he does is wake up and engage on Instagram live video.

According to Nkechi Blessing, her ex, Opeyemi Falegan, is always on the DM of many of her female colleagues. She added Opeyemi always flies economy flights and poses in business class to take photos when the flight is empty.

Nkechi Blessing shares screenshots of her chats with Opeyemi David Falegan
Nkechi Blessing shares screenshots of her chats with Opeyemi Falegan
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