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“I have to many flaws to be perfect”, Nkechi Blessing speaks sends message to haters as she addresses her flaws

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has sent a message to her haters while she addressed her imperfect flaws.

Nkechi Blessing shared an encrypted post on her Instagram page, speaking about her her flaws are too many, and she is far from been perfect.

The controversial actress told her haters that her imperfect personality does not stop God from blessing her because he does not need their permission to do so.

She wrote, “I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.

Remember my God doesn’t need your permission to bless me. Too Blessed.”

Nkechi Blessing’s sister brags about her sister’s support

A few days ago, Kemi Filani reported that Nkechi Blessing’s younger sister, Jenifa Sunday, bragged about how amazing her sister is.

In a chat with City People, Jenifa disclosed the other side of her sister, which is unknown to the public, stating she is very sweet and loving.

Jenifa claimed Nkechi Blessing had been a friend, sister and mother, who had always been there in her times of need.

“If I have to start talking about Nkechi Blessing, it will take forever. Everybody knows her, but people don’t know her the way that I do. I know her as a sister, as a friend and as a mum.

She has always been there for me. She has done so many things for me. She’s like a man in a woman’s body. She’s an amazing person, forget all the “gbas gbos” Online oh! She is very sweet and loving.

I was in boarding school, I didn’t really stay at home, I was always in school. Whenever I came back from school during holidays, she’s usually in college or in school too.

So, I didn’t really spend much time with her, while growing up, but she has always been my backbone.

She’s always been by my side. For instance, if anybody troubled me, she’s always there for me either I was wrong or right.

She deserves first class in spoiling me, buying things for me. Indeed, she is an amazing person to me.

“I am the CEO of Nova Kiddies Empire. I sell baby products, bicycles and toys. My sister opened it for me. Instead of her buying me a car, I told her to open a business for me. And boom she just opened it. I am still in shock of it.

It’s not even close to a month that she opened  it. I just told her that instead of  her buying me a car, she should just set me up in business and she did. She didn’t even tell me. I just woke up one morning and saw her messages. She showed me the shop and sent me a huge amount of money to fill the shop. She set the whole thing up for me.

She has always given me all that I wanted. I don’t lack anything. Maybe in relationship, but money wise, I don’t lack. There’s no man who would promise me anything my sister has not given me.

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