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Actress Nkechi Blessing reveals the 11-year-old girl that motivated her to build her new house

Nkechi Blessing and Emmanuella

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has expressed appreciation to everyone who inspired her to build her new house and the 11-year-old girl that challenged her after gifting her mother a new mansion.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nkechi Blessing said Mercy Aigbe was one of her biggest motivations and inspiration this year.

Nkechi Blessing noted that Mercy Aigbe even asked if she could lend her money to buy the land when she knew she was building the house for her mother’s birthday.

Nkechi Blessing added that 11-year-old comedienne Emmanualla motivated her when she made news about gifting her mother a new house, and she was challenged to same for her mother.

She wrote: You see dis two women and d young lady on the last slide? They are my biggest Motivation and inspiration this year @realmercyaigbe Knew when I planned getting this land,even tho I had just 100k in my acct then.

She motivated me and even asked if she could lend me the money to buy it,as she knows it was for my mums birthday the push and words of encouragement alone made me source from the money by Doing 50k promo on IG While some abused me that oh she don broke I didn’t mind,cus Those were mere distractions @ceo_titoofficial Posted her own house few months back and I said to my self this is what I want to build,a sweet family bungalow,

I msged her for tips and as God would have it she gave me all the hints on how she did her own and gave me plenty words of advice and encouragement.

As for @officialemanuella The day she gifted her mother that house was the day I made up my mind I was going to surprise my mother with a house too,if a young child like her can do it,why can’t I…I bottled all this with serious prayers and continuous hardwork and here am I today…a proud owner of a 4 Bedroom Bungalow Ah mean Yankee standard ooo. Cus e no really easy,

I went broke almost every oda week I beg money from people wey I no even suppose beg from just to make sure I complete it,with all d insults from here and there me I just kept my focus cus those ones too like distraction to cut the long story short Abeg my birthday is feb 14th so we are having a Two in One celebration. Thank you all for the congratulatory messages…You all shall be celebrated too in Jesus name..AMEN #unstoppable #ogoagbaye

Nkechi and Emmanuella
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