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“I told my mum about the man who is making me happy” Nkechi Blessing recounts visit to her mother’s graveside (Video)

Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has recounted her tearful visit to her mother’s graveside in Ibadan.

The controversial actress revealed that she drove from Lagos to Ibadan to see her mother and to share with her, her experiences since she left.

Nkechi revealed she told her about her new man, her son’s brilliant performances in school, her latest achievements and lots more. She added that she could feel her mother’s voice telling her to keep being strong and courageous.

“I drove from Ibadan to Lagos, then straight to see my mum. I told her about my latest achievements and what I have been up to in the last one year she left us. Told her about the love and support I have received from both loved ones and strangers, told her about the trolls and hates. Told her about the one who’s is making me happy, told her how well Elijah is doing in school. Told her how much of a grown woman Jennifer is. I told her everything she needed to know, and I can feel her voice telling me to keep being the strong and courageous child she gave birth to. I love you forever mummy, till we meet to part more more”.

Nkechi Blessing’s mother died barely five days before her birthday last year, which left the actress and her family devastated.

Nkechi Blessing loses mother

Announcing her mother’s death, Nkechi Blessing penned an emotional tribute for her mother as she recounted how she had been working day and night to ensure her mother does not beg for food.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Nkechi Blessing said if doctors had requested money to keep her mother, she would have begged the world to help her.

However, her mother only complained of stomach aches, and the next thing was death. Nkechi Blessing, who was still in denial of the sad incident, wondered how she would face the world with her mother.

According to Nkechi Blessing, she had built a house for her mother as a surprise birthday gift, but sadly she left without seeing it.

“Mummy the past one year of my life haven’t been the same without you, do I miss you? Hell yea….I cry almost every night, praying a miracle will happen and you will come back to us, only if you gave me any sign that you would leave us this soon. I would have begged God to spare your life but I believe everything happens for a reason. We miss you everyday mummy the only thing we have left of you is your teachings and memories, the one that still stay with us forever do not stop watching over us where ever you are. With plenty love from your daughter Nkechiyere”.

Nkechi Blessing marks mother’s remembrance

In September 2022, Nkechi marked her mother’s first remembrance. The actress went to the streets and gave out food and water.

Just days after the rememberance, Nkechi celebrated her posthumous birthday, in a controversial style.

She held a little party to host few friends, where, she shared dildo as souvenir.

Nkechi Blessing visits mother's graveside
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