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Actress Nkechi Blessing rain curses on troll for saying Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra is desperate about marriage that will not last

Nkechi Blessing and Sandra

Controversial Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has slammed a troll who attacked Ubi Franklin’s baby mama Sandra Iheuwa over her recent marriage introduction to her fiance, Steve Chidi, owner of Royal hair.

Sandra Iheuwa had taken to her Instagram page to share a video from their marriage introduction.

Reacting, a troll slammed Sandra for being desperate about marriage and flaunting a man who rarely cares about her.

According to the troll, Sandra’s fiance is only after her money and referred to numerous ladies the man is currently dating.

Responding to the troll, Sandra carpets the troll stating that her marriage will last.

Commenting on a blog, Nkechi Blessing rained curses on the toll, describing her as a witch who derived pleasure in seeing people’s marriage crash.

Marriage that we all know the guy doesn’t love you one bit, no I’m not just talking anyhow. You know you are desperate on getting married to a guy that wants to use use head yet you are blind and stupid because you need a man urgently to pepper people that doesn’t even care about you. Sandra come of it, if this marriage don’t last ehhh, we are going to troll your whole life, you already know that you will suffer in thiiis marriage a man that sleeps with all abuja girls sharing gbola up and down and not that you don’t know oooo but because you are desperate to get husband, you are acting blind for your mind you don see husband, see the way you are flaunting it up and down but himself no send you at all. Someone that I personally knows his numerous girlfriends, someone who talks to people about how stupid you are and how desperate you look to get married, some that said if not for your money, he won’t even marry someone like you, yet you keep pushing cos you want to prove a point. I will be here waiting cus if I hear pim in this ur marriage ehh, I will open 5 million Instagram account to troll the living day light out of your stupid desperate life. Watch and see na.

Sandran Iheuwa replied: I’m sorry he slept wth you and left you. I would be mad too. No need to open 5milliion Instagram because this marriage will last a lifetime and forever. I don’t know what you want me to do with this information o. Y’all keep trying o.

Nkechi Blessing wrote: Broad day light witchcraft…Always praying for people’s marriage to crash..How did we even get here? This is SAD

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