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“Doing this thing called life with you my Gee” Nkechi Blessing makes promises as she reveals her source of happiness

Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has made a promise to her boyfriend as she reveals her source of happiness.

Nkechi Blessing shared a loved up photo of herself and her boyfriend on social media with a promising and revealing caption.

The controversial actress revealed that her boyfriend is her happy place, and she is ready to go on forever with him.

“My happy place. Doing this thing called life with you, my Gee,” Nkechi Blessing wrote on Instagram.

Also, in a fresh post, Nkechi Blessing declared Jesus as the only name she knows and he came through for her whenever she calls.

She urged her fans to look up to Him and pray so as not to be messed up by the devil.

She wrote, “Jesus is the only name I know, he has helped me in so many ways, look up to him alone..he will come thru for you🙏🏻 I will pray, if I don’t pray, s#tan will make a mess of me

Nkechi Blessing speaks about her flaws

Kemi Filani recalls that Nkechi Blessing sent a message to her haters when she addressed her imperfect flaws.

The dramatic actress shared an encrypted post on her Instagram page, speaking about her too many flaws and how she is far from been perfect.

Nkechi Blessing told her haters that her imperfect personality does not stop God from blessing her because he does not need their permission to do so.

She wrote, “I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.

Remember my God doesn’t need your permission to bless me. Too Blessed.”

Nkechi Blessing wails as an Igbo man scams her

Kemi Filani recalls that Nkechi Blessing bemoaned her loss when she got scammed by an Igbo man.

The Controversial actress shared a post on Instagram where she revealed the trouble she experienced with an online vendor, who happened to be an Igbo man.

Nkechi Blessing taunted those fighting against tribalism, stating she had been scammed by a man of a different tribe.

“Online vendor don show me shege pro max🤯 it’s well ooo!!!

Later they will say Tribalism yen yen yen,Na Igbo man scam me so ooo…It’s well!!!” Nkechi Blessing shared this caption with a sour faced photo.

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