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Your mates are either dead or useless like you – Nkechi Blessing fires back at Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim and Nkechi Blessing are currently engaged in a war of words on social media, all thanks to a slap from comedian Woli Arole.

Yesterday, actress Nkechi Blessing uploaded a video from the set of a movie which shows her receiving a slap from Arole. As seen in the video, the light-skinned actress had to call for a cut because the slap was just too hot for her to continue the scene.

However, actress Juliet Ibrahim, via a comment on Nkechi’s page, made it known that she shouldn’t have called for a cut because it will only mean she will have to receive another slap or more till the director of the movie gets the right shot he wants.

Infuriated by the comment, Nkechi Blessing slammed Juliet Ibrahim by calling her an idiot for not understanding how she felt when she received the slap which made her call for a cut of the scene. Making a quick comeback, Juliet capitalized on Nkechi’s poor grammar and mocked her for not being famous.

Well, Nkechi herself has made a comeback and both actresses are currently still at it with the hope of ending up as the winner of the war of words.

Screenshots below.

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