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“In your next life, if you hear my name you will run” Nkechi Blessing drags Nina Ivy

Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has fired back at Nina Ivy for dragging her.

KFN reported that Nkechi Blessing had reacted to Nina Ivy’s remarriage, which didn’t sit well with her.

Nina had taken to a blog’s comment section to drag the actress.

Nkechi, who doesn’t take nonsense, in a series of post on her Instagram page, slammed her for dragging her.

She noted how she didn’t mention the reality star’s name, and as such, doesn’t deserve the call out.

NBS, as she is fondly called, stated that she was going to filthy drag her, since she lacks sense.

Sternly warning her, she told her to never try coming hard at her again.

Nkechi slams Nina Ivy

In another post, Nkechi questioned what the BBN star took that made her tackle her.

Nkechi, pointed out how she isn’t one of those celebrities who cut corners to shade.

“Be like say this one dey M*D me go drag you reach Atlanta wey you dey, cus where did ur name enter my post you will tell me…. As you no want get sense so!

Nina you think say na person wey no get us visa you dey follow talk? Imma pull up on you ream quick B so watch it… No try am again till you D*E… Stop am!

Nina you leave blogs wey carry your matter dey face me, wetin you smoke? You forget my name? You don buy market so…. You think I am one of those celebrities cutting corners to shade? If shade na your own you go see your name loud and clear….this one you enter so body go tell you”.

“Same you made reference to my relationship then…. E go touch everybody na just time… You dey really m*d ooo Nina

In your words they can’t break what they don’t know Abi? How far your own wet you hide like palliative? @nina_ivy_ na Ogun go kee you!!!!

@nina_ivy_ in your next life if you hear my name you go run hide…..”.

Nina Ivy slams Nkechi Blessing

Big Brother Naija Season 3 finalist, Nina Ivy had slammed actress, Nkechi Blessing over her failed marriage.

News broke out on Thursday night, that the reality star had remarried.

The reality star reportedly got remarried to an African-American, Chris Miller.

According to reports, Nina Ivy met him in 2021 and dated for seven months before tying the knot.

The couple held a low-key court wedding in the United States.

A look at the reality star’s Instagram page, showed she had changed her Instagram bio to Nina Ivy Miller.

Reacting to the news, Nkechi used her failed marriage as a reference to advise others.

She pointed out how despite Nina keeping her marriage private, it still failed.

“She kept her marriage off social media oo, E still no work… My darlings do you the world will adjust”.

Lashing back at her, Nina Ivy told her to shut up.

She stated that not everything is for clout, as Nkechi knew nothing about her.

“Not everything is for ur clout, plus u know absolutely nothing about me, you can only feed off social media news to plz shush”.

Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
Nkechi Blessing slams Nina Ivy
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