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“I almost ended my life because Nkechi Blessing broke shamed me” Very Dark Man reveals



Nkechi blessing Vs very dark man

Fast rising social media sensation known as Very Dark Man has shared an insight on a troubling experience.

He disclosed that the comments made by Nkechi Blessing had nearly driven him to end his life. This revelation follows a recent public spat between the two, triggered by Very Dark Man’s accusations against the actress and her skincare brand.

The conflict between Very Dark Man and Nkechi Blessing started when the TikTok sensation took aim at the actress’s endorsement of Dorinda skincare, alleging that the product was fake and that filters had been used in promoting the content.

In response, Nkechi Blessing retaliated by branding Very Dark Man as “broke” and “jobless” in a live video.

However, the it seems that the aftermath of this exchange has taken a sad toll on Very Dark Man’s mental and emotional well-being. In a candid admission, he revealed that the derogatory comments she had made had nearly pushed him ending his life.

“I’m not Jenny’s glow ooo” Nkechi Blessing fires back at very dark man after he accused her of doing ads for a fake skincare brand

Kemi Filani just reported that the newfound “Skincare Warrior,” Very Dark Man had turned his attention to another skincare brand, Dorindas, which Nkechi Blessing was promoting.

The actress who is notorious for using filters while promoting the product, has drawn the attention of Very Dark Man. He had ccused the skincare brand of having no NAFDAC registration number.

In response to Very Dark Man’s accusations, Nkechi Blessing wasted no time in defending herself and her brand. She has had also cursed him out by revealing that Very Dark Man lived in a one-room apartment and was struggling financially.

Stop using filter to promote skincare products- Nkechi Blessing’s Ex boyfriend shades her

Nkechi Blessing’s ex-boyfriend had also taken to social media recently to throw shade at the actress, urging her to stop using filters when promoting skincare products.

Let’s recall that Very Dark Man had accused Nkechi Blessing of advertising for a fake skincare brand and she had equally responded by blasting him and calling him poor.