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Nigerians slam Victoria Inyama for berating Pastor Funke Adejumo

Victoria inyama and Funke Adejumo

Outspoken actress, Victoria Inyama has condemned Pentecostal preacher Funke Felix-Adejumo for her ‘attacking women’.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the star actress criticized the pastor for saying women should always cover their husband’s flaws.

Madam Preacher, almost all your attacks are on women, the fact that you wear the trouser in your marriage doesn’t mean you should keep attacking women. You only talk about what the woman should or should not do. I can’t even place your husband’s face. Are you home long enough to do all you preach? Cause I see you in different countries most times.

“Marriage is a union between ‘2’ people, there’s no perfect, I would love to see your husband preach about you If he ever does and stop enabling abuse, only bad behaviour needs to be hidden,” she wrote.

However, Inyama’s stance on the issue seem to have angered some Nigerians.They have expressed their opinions about the issue on social media

@Boskeke: How’s Mama Funke’s advice enabling abuse and bad behavior? No respect whatsoever,Just cos there’s freedom to talk

@Olatayo: This generation sees the truth as an attack. Well let us all keep deceiving ourselves

@Alkaline.water.solution: Don’t attack truth pick your own message and leave the rest

@Adorabledekaa: Victoria please respect yourself, you must not comment honestly. If you cannot comprehend the simply thing she said about marriage, kindly rest biko!!!

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