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Nigerians pissed off as Sanwo-Olu stops convoy to meet two girls hawking during school hours

sanwo olu stops convoy

Many Nigerians on social media have expressed disappointment after Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Thursday had an encounter with two out-of-school girls at Anthony Village while on his way to an official function.

Kemi Filani reports that Governor Mr Sanwo-Olu stopped his convoy for a brief talk with the girls who were on an errand for a bean cake vendor during school hours, at about 11.00 a.m.

The Governor was heartbroken to see the girls on the road during school hours, with buckets on their heads, stopped his convoy, inquired why they were not in school.

Amarachi Chinedu, 9, and Suwebat Husseini, 12, told him their parents couldn’t afford tuition fees. He found who their parents were and promised to take over the full responsibility of the girls’ upbringing and education.

”This (Thursday) morning, I had a first-hand experience of what many vulnerable children may be going through in our society. I saw something that made my heart bleed on my way to this function,” he said.

”My encounter with them gave me the opportunity to hear their stories and I have taken it upon myself to ensure that these girls never suffer such fate again. I am not going to leave them alone.

”Amarachi and Suwebat will go back to school. This is a classic example of what we need to do differently as a society. It is needless to ask what brought their parents to Lagos. We must ensure they are not robbed of their future.

”These two girls will be under my care and that of the first lady. There are several Amarachi and several Suwebat out there, who will not have this kind of opportunity. Everyone of us can take the same decision and listen to stories of kids who may be vulnerable.

”If we choose to take up this responsibility as a people, and give a voice to the vulnerable, we all can make a difference. There is no better kindness to be done to mankind than giving them a lifetime opportunity.” Governor Sanwo Olu told the press.

Reacting to the action, netizens queried the Governor.

One Ralph wrote “Rubbish!!! Rubbish!!! Rubbish. When election is getting closer they all tend to be too nice…there is no way u will enter second time again, your time is up”

One Tola wrote “This video pissed me off, like Governor don’t know that lots of children are begging on the streets of Lagos. This even shows he is more delusional than I thought”

One Samuel wrote “What a drama.
“Hold that bucket on your head like that first…”
Jide…wey my camera man?
“Oya quickly video me”
“Shit.. wait let me act surprised”
“Oya video me like this.. let her bucket show oo..”
He kept on talking while the poor kids carrying buckets full of water on their heads.
Nawa ooooO.
Humanity is not in his agenda.”

One Alero wrote “what of the remaining hundred of students hawking on the street”

One Esshy wrote “We are not falling for this skit. He needs to come to the real ghetto if he really wants to help”

One Jibs wrote “Doing as if this is new to you……those children are everywhere in this your state.”

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