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Nigerians mock Tacha for lying that her publicist shades Mercy with her social media accounts and not her

Nigerians mock Tacha for denying ever shading Mercy

Nigerians on social media have turned Tacha to a laughing stock after she denied shading Mercy with her social media account during the BBNaija reunion show that aired last night. According to Tacha, she was not the one handling her social media accounts. She disclosed that her publicist were the one handling her accounts on social media.

Many people on social media who did not believe Tacha tagged her a liar and decided to mock her.

See some comments below;

@Barr_Nwokeike wrote “Tacha’s fans should bury their faces in shamee. You madam is a bloodyy asss lairrr… She claims she doesn’t handle her account too, no professional handler will tweet the way Tacha tweets.”

@thic_didi wrote “Carry your L in shame. Liar from the pit of hell. You can never be like Mercy and neither would you ever be better than she is”

cynthia_ish wrote “Lol. There was a caught caught caught. Management that wanted to change the real you…so you admit the old you was too ugly to be a part of your brand after #Bbnaija? And you say you are real??! Lmfao”

See what Tacha’s fans had to say about this;
baeli.cious wrote “She said she never shaded Mercy because she doesn’t handle her account. Then in the same breath she says she retweeted Mercy’s post and commented thereon. So that means she handled the account right? Cause I am confused.”

jennynextian141 wrote “Mtcheww they both shaded and charged up against each other. All this jobless fans should go and sleep. They and the other housemates are the ones generating and distributing the hate. Give these two women a chance to be friends and see how far they would go”

keshicole wrote “Mercy’s receipt will be out today because I remember she started the shading,by saying in her interviews it is better to be evicted than disqualified,audio money”

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