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Nigerians come for Hildah Dokubo for challenging pastors over coronavirus

Hilda Dokubo

Nigerians on Instagram have attacked actress Hildah Dokubo after she challenged pastors who claim to have supernatural powers to go and heal coronavirus patients in hospitals.

The actress made the challenge this morning with claims that it will help stop coronavirus so that people can return to their normal activities.

This didn’t it well with many of her followers who reacted as seen below.

fabuloucityboutique: “I don’t agree with you on this sis. This was what the thief who was hanged on the cross told Jesus to save himself since his been known to save others but did Jesus do anything? No. Leave spiritual thing for the spiritual pls”.

scoanbabe: “I don’t think you’re in anyway exceptional to it. So unfortunate how you people mock the body of Christ in things like this , yet you claim to be a born again Christian. This should be the period everyone has to draw closer to Jesus, not coming on social media to make dumb post. Thank you”.

lite231: “You’re Shaking A Major Table Ma’am.. This is the time to know if we Truly Have spiritual leaders or just Religious Business Men🤷🏽‍♂️🥱.. God’s the Ultimate we All Need”

neckycharlesss: “His members are coming to remind you the world of God which say “do not put the lord your God to test 🙄 they usually have back up verse in any situation”.

jeff.aku3: “Daniel was thrown in the lions Den not that he carried himself there… they follow instructions from God, not by their convictions”.

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