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” Nigerians are deceiving you” – Comedian Dee One advises Genevieve Nnaji against believing the ever young comments she gets about her appearance

Genevieve Nnaji has often been praised for her ever-young appearance, but for the first time in a long time, someone has come out to contest the generally accepted fact.

BBNaija alum Dee One made a video, analyzing Genevieve’s appearance, and came to the conclusion that she looks old.

He started by saying that in order to know the true age of a woman, one should check the back of their palms and their feet.

Dee One said that Genevieve Nnaji probably has veins on her hands and legs, which indicates old age.

He went on to say that the reason Genevieve hardly posts is because she’s ‘packaging’, which means that she’s hiding her real appearance from Nigerians by posting once in a while.

When he was done analyzing Genevieve Nnaji’s appearance, Dee One said that the actress should show her real self, and that there’s nothing wrong with aging.

Dee One’s statement didn’t earn him a lot of points, as netizens were quick to come for his head.

javne_sammymere wrote, “He even looks older that Genevieve.. Anumanu!”

gabriellefassi wrote, “At least she looks younger than you”

alliojo wrote, “I do not like this man!”

igbuanabigai wrote, “Yaba come and carry your missing patient from here!!!”

hauwa_ sugamama wrote, “This man no go ever blow even if he sit on top bomb”

danat_partypacks wrote, “Says someone that looks way older than GENEVIEVE, who is 20 years older than him! Please shut up!!!”

daisy.bb wrote, “For some reasons I hate this quy He always sound depressed and bitter mcteeew”

engr.pookie wrote, “She should show you her hand??? Bcos you’re who again??? Ni nnamdu n’ayikwa ala confidently ohh!”

ogensimah wrote, “Omo, but this guy looks older than Genny, this boy is not well.”

ademola_daniel_bashir wrote, “Firstly, I didn’t think we should speak about peoples old age this way at all, are we not all going to get old? What type of talk is this?”

ceO_dex wrote, “She definitely looks younger than yOu”

mhiz_imma write, “Struggling to stay relevant with this economy no be easy task. Person fit craze like this one”

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