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Nigerian businessman praises pastor, Fatoyinbo as he reveals some hidden facts

The founder of Sapphire Scents (perfumes), Adewale Aladejana has taken to social media to reveal some hidden facts about his cleric, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. The super elated man took to the gram to pen down a lengthy note full of accolades to the Nigerian cleric

He used the medium to challenge people who take advantage of social media to rebuke and call out their pastors, all in the name of joining the trend.

Adewale Aladejana was also quick to mention that he has nothing but love for the Founder of COZA, as he noted that there is no single day he does not receive a credit alert on his phone
Here’s what he wrote;

The Holy Spirit inspired to start writing about what He has done for me in the past because the day you forget what God has done and the people He has used is the day you begin to go down.

The bible says in Hosea 12:13 “And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.” There are certain people you MUST meet in this life or you will remain on a spot.

Around April or May of 2010 I walked into a church called Commonwealth of Zion Assembly on a Tuesday service and my life changed forever.

Fast forward to 2015, I told Pastor Biodun about my perfume business and then he travelled to Dubai.

I met him again and he brought out his phone and began to show me pictures of perfumes and by August 24, 2015 he put a million Naira in my hands and said these life changing words “this money will not finish, go and explode and takeover”

Ladies and gentlemen from that day, I began to experience high finance, there is no single day in the last 3 years that I don’t get credit alert on my phone because a man of God commanded it!

Some people forget who their man of God is and the people who helped them when money comes but I will never forget and I must never forget Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo if I want to retain the anointing.

I must keep celebrating and honouring my man of God.
For those of you who use your man of God as toothpick and chewing gum and listen to Daddy Freeze and co, keep it up.

As for me, you dare not talk bad about my man of God in my presence because you will be insulting the grace on my life.

God will not come down from heaven, He will use a man and God has used this man of God to change my life. Till date, I NEVER make a move without my man of God.

@biodunfatoyinbo I remember the exploits God has been using you to do in my life and I will never forget sir.

I love you, I honour you and I celebrate you.
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