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“Nickie dabarbie is sleeping in kirikiri tonight” – Very Dark Man shares, shortly after revealing that Skiibii sued her

Very Dark Man reveals that Nickie dabarbie is in prison.

Very Dark Man has given an update about the Nickie dabarbie situation, and the details are worrisome.

He shared a screenshot of his chat with Nickie dabarbie, where she was telling him that she was done from court, but she was on her way to Kirikiri prison. In her text, Nickie dabarbie shared that she’ll be more careful next time.

Very Dark Man went on to say that she killed the case by going to the police station alone without a lawyer.

According to Very Dark Man, Skiibii had made a report to the police station, claiming that Nickie dabarbie broke stuff worth three million Naira.

He said that rich people often pay police officers to ‘invite’ them over to the station during the weekends. While the person is there, Very Dark Man said that they usually delay you until evening, and then they ask for a shortill.

Upon the person’s inability to provide a shortill, they get arrested and locked up throughout the weekend until they get a lawyer on Monday.

Very Dark Man said he had made some phone calls in order to get help from Nickie dabarbie, but it was too late.

He went on to say that the rich were oppressors, and that this is how they treat people who are beneath them in social status.

In order to clear the air on why he was helping Nickie dabarbie, Very Dark Man said that he believed most of her story. Her said that there’s no way she would deliberately cut herself on a normal day.

Lastly, Very Dark Man said he would pursue the case by Monday, regardless of the fact that she had gone to prison.

Recall that Very Dark Man had said that Nickie dabarbie reached out to him when she was in court, and she had revealed that she did not have a lawyer. He said he would try to get someone to represent her, but it seems that the help came in too late, as she is now on her way to prison.

The Nickie dabarbie and Skiibii saga has been dragging for weeks, with both parties threatening to sue each other, but it seems that Skiibii beat her to the chase,

Very Dark Man had shared that he had warned Nickie darbie to stop posting about the situation, but she didn’t listen, and it has landed her in trouble.

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