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Newlyweds Paul Okoye and wife Ifeoma Ivy pay courtesy visit to Governor Alex Otti, shortly after their viral traditional marriage

Paul Okoye weds Ivy Ifeoma

The newlywed couple Paul Okoye and his wife Ifeoma Ivy took a stroll down to the Abia State Government house, in order to pay a visit to Governor Alex Otti.

In the video shared, the newlyweds could be seen conversing with Governor Alex Otti, and they also took pictures together.

At the end of the video, Paul Okoye praised Governor Alex Otti for his people-centric manner of governing Abia State, and all the good works he has done during his reign.

Paul Okoye and his new bride Ifeoma Ivy have had quite a busy week, because this visit to the government house came shortly after their traditional marriage ceremony that went viral.

Their traditional marriage went viral, when clips of Paul Okoye operating his phone for the most part of the ceremony surfaced online.

An activist chastised him for not focusing during his wedding ceremony, and being on his phone all through.

The union of Paul Okoye and Ifeoma Ivy has been riddled with backlash, from the moment their relationship went public.

A lot of netizens accused Ifeoma Ivy of snatching Paul Okoye from his wife, thereby ruining his marriage.

It got so serious that Ifeoma Ivy released a statement, rebutting the rumors, while claiming that she started dating Paul Okoye after his divorce. She said that she met a single man, who was no longer with his wife.

Apart from allegations that she ruined their marriage, Ifeoma Ivy faced backlash for the age gap between herself and Paul Okoye. It has been rumored that they have an over twenty-year age gap between them.

The backlash that the newlyweds faced clearly didn’t rock the foundation of the foundation of their relationship because they recently tied the knot, and are allegedly expecting their first child together.

Amidst all the drama regarding Paul Okoye and his new wife, Anita his ex-wife has remained silent about the whole issue.

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