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New Oscars directive may favour Anikulapo, Kunle Afolayan excited

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The Oscars Academy has given the Nigerian Oscars selection committee a week to present a movie that will represent Nigeria which may be good news for the movie Anikulapo.

Recall that the movie directed by Kunle Afolayan had been rejected by the committee for the coming Oscars.

The rejection didn’t faze Afolayan who took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that the rest of the world considers the movie a masterpiece.

“I am so pleased and delighted that the whole world has decided to tagged ANIKULAPO film “a masterpiece “ even though the Nigeria Oscar selection committee think it’s not worth submitting for the Oscars . Will keep making doing my own thing,” he tweeted.

Days later, the movie ranked number one globally on Netflix.

In response, Afolayan tweeted, “Netflix officially confirmed that Anikulapo is now ranked No 1 globally. In non-English titles. Congratulations to us all and thank you guys for your support of referrals.”

Taking to social media to share the latest news which gives hope that his movie will be considered for an Oscar nomination, the movie director tweeted:

“It’s just been confirmed that The academy “OSCARS” has given the Nigerian Oscars selection committee a week extension to revote and re-present a film to represent Nigeria by October 21st latest. God’s hand is in this one I believe! Anikulapo on my mind “

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