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‘Never think you have to impress to be noticed’ Actress Debbie Shokoya educates people with low self-esteem

debbie shokoya

Yoruba star actress Debbie Shokoya has taken to social media to educate those with low self-esteem.

According to the actress, low self-esteem should not think they have to impress to be noticed or need to please people to be in their good book.

Sharing a video on Instagram, she has advised these sets of people to start believing in themselves, most importantly love themselves and discover their greatness in life.

She wrote:
Never Think You Are Not Enough!!👍
Never Think You Have To Impress To Be Noticed!!👍
Never Think You Need Someone To Believe In You Before You Get A Breakthrough!!👍
Never Think You Have To Be Silence, So As To Be Loved😊
Never Think You Have To Please People, Just To Be In Their Good Book!!😊
Never Think You Have To Bend Yourself For That Man/Woman, So As To See You Worthy😊

All This Are Low Self Esteem!!💯
You Have All It Takes, You Just Need To Start Believing In Yourself!!
You Are Enough And You Will Always Be!!✊
Go Out Today And Unleash That Greatness In You😉
Keep Discovering Yourself, They Are Coming To Salute You!!
But Before Then, Fight It All And Love Yourself So Much🙏🏻

If It’s Not Unusual, Then It Is Not Debbie Shokoya🥰
July 19 Queen With The Spark💯

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