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“She is a good woman because she keeps accepting your boss’s cheating” – Netizens tackle Israel DMW over his praises on Chioma

Isreal DMW calls Chioma a good woman

Some social media users have slammed Israel DMW, the personal aide to singer, Davido over his praises on his boss’s wife, Chioma.

Ahead of their wedding in a week time, Isreal took to his Instagram story to praise Chioma noting how she deserves to have the entire Lagos being shutdown just for her. He praised her for her good characters as he noted how beauty alone can’t keep a marriage.

Isreal stated that Chioma is one of the vital reasons, why Davido keeps soaring and always happy.

Some social media users were not pleased with his statement as they noted how his definition of a good woman is one who tolerates her husband’s cheating habits.

One Bekee Baby wrote, “Nigerian men and their definition of good women. Mtchewwwwww

One Natasha Blessing Rasaq wrote, “She is a good woman because she keeps accepting your Oga cheating. Na that one be una definition of a good woman as she no dey complain, even if ur Oga dey share him gbola

One Samaria Bub wrote, “She is quiet, we agree. But Naija men definition of a good woman is —–

One Doctor Amirah wrote, “The more punches you can take, the more you’re seen as a good wife by some Nigerians. All the best to Chioma btw

One MB Pweedy wrote, “How is she a good woman? Una definition of good woman dey always burst my head

One Pweety Ann wrote, “Definition of good women to Nigerian men na suffer head (endurance). Mtchewwwwww”.

Recall that a week before Chioma’s 29th birthday in April, a US model, Bonita Maria, had shared an intimate photo of her and the singer and a video of Davido passionately begging over her. She went on to slam Nigerians for dragging her as she set the record straight on their relationship. Surprisingly, despite the scandal, Chioma, had supported Davido at the Madison Square Garden, where he performed.

Last year, while the couple were mourning their son who died in 2022, several women came out to share their sexual encounters with the singer. Anita Brown who was the most popular of the women, accused the singer of impregnating her as she recalled how they met. She went on to launch several attacks on Chioma, calling her a walking doormat.

Ivana Bay, a Paris entrepreneur, also accused him of impregnating her as she shared screenshots of her alleged correspondence with Davido.

Also, a Kenyan socialite Pendo Stacy made sensational allegations about her alleged romantic involvement with Davido, and to top off the list, a lady by the name, Chisom accused Davido of forcing her to have an abortion with a promise of gifting her N10 million.

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